Whitepaper Success Factors Collaboration in Supply Chain

Results of a study into the status of supply chain collaboration

In the hectic and competitive market with erratic consumers who are becoming increasingly articulate and mobile, organizations are searching for ways to increase their competitiveness, keep their costs under control and satisfy consumers. One of the ways to achieve that is far-reaching strategic collaboration with partners, such as in the supply chain.

This paper aims to answer the question of how mature supply chain collaboration actually is in the Netherlands and UK in 2014, focusing on on-line collaboration, i.e. on-line exchange of information and collaboration. The results of a survey that was conducted at the end of 2013 among 116 organizations in different industries and of different sizes, into their experiences with supply chain collaboration are included.

Cloud computing seems to be a popular alternative, because almost 12 percent deploys cloud services at organizational level. The use of cloud services at departmental level also occurs; yet the cloud is still rarely being deployed at individual level.