MAVIS Managed Meetings

What is MAVIS?
Our Managed Video Service takes away your worries about setting up video meetings. If you use our service, one of Talk & Vision’s specialists will take care of everything surrounding your meeting. So you no longer have to worry whether your meeting has been scheduled in at the proper time or whether you will be able to connect with the right locations.

Through our service you achieve a maximum result from your video conferencing investments. Talk & Vision currently provides about 80 meetings per day.

How does it work?
Requesting a video meeting can be done in different ways, via email and by phone, but also through a specially designed online portal. On a concise form  - with personal login code – you can fill in when (date and time) and with which locations you would like to have a meeting, and Talk & Vision will take care of everything else.

The possibilities are endless: you can connect to different locations around the world. The requests made through the online portal are handled within 24 hours. Do you need to plan a meeting on short notice? In half an hour for instance? No problem! Quickly call Talk & Vision and your last minute meeting will be taken care of immediately.

What are the advantages?
Talk & Vision offers a broad and flexible service. You can choose between various service levels to achieve a service to measure. Even if a client has not purchased video conference systems form Talk & Vision, we still offer our Managed Video Service. The service is more than just setting up meetings: you can also contact us with all your questions.  

The Managed Video Service offers these advantages:

  • Your worries about video meetings are completely relieved, so you can focus completely on your core business.
  • There is no need to invest in knowledge or people: Talk & Video’s specialists are there for you 24/7.
  • In case a video meeting does not work properly, Talk & Vision will make sure the problem is solved as quickly as possible.
  • You can work flexibly from your home, because every location is suitable for a meeting. Combining work and private life in this simple way is pleasurable.
  • Video meetings save a lot of time and travel expenses.

Discuss your needs and wishes with one of our specialists. Click here to contact us with no strings attached.

Or request Forrester Consulting’s research report: “The total economic impact of KPN’s Managed Video Services”.