Video infrastructure - Lync Gateway

Lync - video gateway

Most videoconferening environments do not communicate natively with Microsoft Lync unified communications deployments. Do not create these communication islands! A Lync-video gateway can be an easy solution for such a problem. Contact us now for more information.

Acano Lync integration solution sheet.pdf

Video infrastructure - ISDN/IP/SIP Gateway

Cisco ISDN Gateway

When your organization already uses videoconferencing but it is only for internal use, Talk and Vision has a gateway service to allow external videoconferening with your customers and suppliers across the internet with out the need to invest in additional hardware.

This service can provide a gateway for legacy H.320/ISDN based systems, H.323/IP or SIP-based systems or vice versa. Please contact us to make your video environment more flexible.

Cisco ISDN Gateway datasheet.pdf