Support Monitoring

MAVIS Support Monitoring is a proactive service offering a heartbeat check of your videoconferencing endpoints and infrastructure products. Problems are discovered quickly and problem solving (when combined with MAVIS Support) is initiated to avoid your users are affected.

Product monitoring
Your videoconference endpoints and infrastructure products are monitored using a number of sensors. Depending on the product and the chosen level, different sensors are configured to ensure a well support monitored environment.

Problem solving
When combined with a MAVIS Support agreement, certain alerts will trigger our support desk to start solving the discovered problem. Depending on the product and the chosen support monitoring level, they will first inform you about the discovered problem and start appropriate problem solving actions following the MAVIS Support SLA.

Availability and utilization reporting
A monthly availability and utilization report is part of this service. We will report on availability percentages per product as well as on some other statistics (e.g. network jitter / packet loss).

Endpoint utilization and video infrastructure license consumption are also reported on, giving you valuable insight in the usage and effectiveness of your video environment


  • From reactive to proactive support;
  • Continuous checks of your videoconferencing environment;
  • Errors are discovered immediately this allows for the problem solving process to begin and this will avert any major disruption to the user or allow time for the room to be taken out of action.
  • Insight in availability and utilization of your videoconferencing endpoints;
  • Insight in availability and license consumption of video infrastructure products.

Read the press release MAVIS Support Monitoring.