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Talk & Vision introduces MAVIS Support Monitoring

Posted on Wed, Nov 05, 2014

A proactive, real-time monitoring service for video conferencing estates, designed to identify small problems before they become service issues for our customers

Talk & Vision (a KPN company) is introducing a unique service innovation this month, which raises our video conferencing support services to a higher level. MAVIS Support Monitoring monitors in real time detecting possible faults and errors before users are affected. This proactive service also provides an historical data and reporting on statistics such as usage and  availability of the customer’s video conferencing environment.

How does it work?
The monitoring tool continuously collects information about all of the customer’s video conferencing components and systems. Talk & Vision’s helpdesk is notified as soon as a fault or error occurs. The helpdesk will instantly start work on solving the problems and inform the customer. This ensures the problem can virtually always be solved before the meeting, making sure the meeting can go ahead as planned and the customer does not suffer any inconvenience. MAVIS Support Monitoring provides an insight into the availability and use of the video conferencing environment. The customer can gain real-time access to all monitoring information via a mobile app (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) or web portal, in addition to the monthly report the customer receives.

Trial period completed
The service was trialled with a select number of existing Talk & Vision customers at the start of this year, to establish a ‘proof of concept’.  This proved successful and the first customers went live in November. Scott Taylor, Managing Director UK at Talk & Vision, says: “We tested Support Monitoring with a number of customers and only received positive reactions. It’s fantastic to see that our longest running service is performing even better following this innovation and that it has been so well received. Organisations appreciate the combination of automation and the human side of our support desk, that’s a great compliment.”

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