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Talk & Vision offers organizations an unique hybrid approach

Posted on Wed, Sep 03, 2014

Organizations find it difficult to keep up with the current pace of innovation and are confronted with continuous investments in their communication environment. A move to the cloud can be the answer, but that would mean shutting down your current infrastructure which is not depreciated several years. Talk & Vision’s (a KPN company) new service “MAVIS Unite” offers organizations an unique hybrid approach to access the latest conferencing possibilities.

With MAVIS Unite, any organization owning a Microsoft Lync or videoconferencing environment can add missing functionality, interoperability and/or additional capacity. This hybrid approach offers organizations the best of both worlds; they can use their existing videoconferencing and/or UC assets, while getting access to the latest conferencing possibilities.

One of the services offered is a Lync gateway service, solving the incompatibilities between Microsoft Lync and the videoconferencing world. It allows a videoconferencing user to directly call a Lync user (or vice versa), while invisibly translating protocols. This means organizations can now easily collaborate with partners and customers on previously incompatible communication environments.

A unique architecture is designed and build in-house by Talk & Vision and is powered by best-in-class conferencing technology of vendors like Acano, Cisco and Polycom. It allows for the addition of shared and dedicated conferencing services to the existing customer environment. The design also allows Talk & Vision to offer an innovative roadmap, planning to support Avaya-, Cisco- and IBM UC environments in future releases.

Scott Taylor, Managing Director UK at Talk & Vision: “Organizations can now complement their existing communication environment without forklift upgrades and heavy CAPEX investments. MAVIS Unite offers ultimate flexibility in selecting the desired conferencing functionality and the best suitable payment model (pay as use, burst and monthly payment models).”

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