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Talk & Vision researches online collaboration in the chain

Posted on Wed, Apr 09, 2014

Talk & Vision researches the maturity of online collaboration in the chain

Together with ICT Media, Talk & Vision researched the maturity of online collaboration between organisations. The purpose of the research was to gain insight in the current status of the chain collaboration in UK and the Netherlands. For this research 116 CIO's and IT managers were interviewed. Many managers understand that collaboration in this dynamic market is inevitable. Practically all organisations act in one or several chains and therefore enter into partnerships involving frequent online cooperation.

Collaborations between organisations can consist of both ad hoc transactions as well as more intensive and structured relationships. The research into the maturity of online collaboration has shown that most collaborations serve to cut costs. Tailoring business processes ensures increased efficiency. Good communication between the participating parties is required for successful online collaboration: it contributes to better understanding and less errors. In many cases the online collaboration between organisations is supported by collaboration tooling, such as audio and video conferencing tools.

Scott Taylor, Managing Director UK at Talk & Vision: “Many managers assume to have created the conditions for a smooth running collaboration. Everyone starts out enthusiastic but still it tails off over time. This is a result of management understanding that partnering is key but people executing the collaboration lacking the right mindset. The organisation culture is not geared towards collaboration outside the office walls or the cultures of the collaborating organisations are too different. In general management pays far too little attention to this – or only does so once the horse has bolted already. Suddenly calling forth conferencing tools does not resolve the difference in organisational culture. Managers would be wise to let the realization that collaboration is a win-win situation to both organisations take root first. Only then can the full potential of tooling be utilized.”

In short: in the event of collaboration it is important for the entire organisation to be properly informed and recognize the advantage. Only then does the (online) collaboration have a chance to succeed.

You can download the entire research by Talk & Vision and ICT Media free of charge via this link: 'Success factors collaboration in the chain'.

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