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Talk & Vision opens up the boundaries for Microsoft Lync 2013 and video conferencing via the browser

Posted on Tue, Dec 03, 2013
Talk & Vision is expanding the potential of its Cloud Video Services (powered by Videxio) and is offering customers new support to make virtual team work more accessible. These improvements will enable organisations to reach a larger target group via video conferencing. The KPN subsidiary enables video conferencing between Microsoft Lync 2013 and other standard video systems and also offers guest users access via the browser.

The improved service aimed at Microsoft’s Unified Communications solution (Lync 2013) opens the boundaries for communication via video conferencing systems and software / apps. Organisations that use Cloud Video Services from Talk & Vision can now invite their customers and suppliers who use Lync 2013 to join them in a virtual meeting room. The new service improves customer contact and expands the potential for these organisations to work together.

Video conferencing has been taken to an even higher level though. It is now possible to enable everyone who uses the Firefox and Google Chrome browsers to take part in a video conference. These browsers and the Talk & Vision cloud video platform now offer support for the standard WebRTC, a real-time communication standard.  This makes it no longer necessary to install specific video conferencing software. A link is sent via an email or instant message, with which for example a supplier or customer can take part in a virtual meeting. This can be with two or more people. The support of WebRTC also offers extra potential for inviting external contacts to take part in consultation using sound and picture, either as a one-off or as a regular occurrence.

Talk & Vision has expanded its Cloud Video Services and opened up the boundaries of high definition (HD) quality video conferencing. As a result of this development a large target group can now gain access to virtual meeting rooms in a simple manner.

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