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Talk & Vision receives the Lean & Green Solution Award

Posted on Mon, Oct 21, 2013
Talk & Vision, a subsidiary of KPN, proudly accepted the Lean & Green Solution Award on 8 October during the Ecomobiel trade fair in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. With the Lean & Green Solution Award, Talk & Vision is encouraging companies to make their logistics and mobility processes more sustainable.

The Lean & Green Solution Award is an initiative by Connekt, an independent network of companies and government organizations that brings parties together and encourages them to work towards sustainable improvements to mobility in the Netherlands. Eligibility for the Lean & Green Solution Award is not easy: candidates have to prove that they can reduce CO2 emissions by 20% within a five year period.

Talk & Vision has won the award for its “Video Collaboration” solution they offer to companies. Video Collaboration can help companies significantly reduce their CO2 emissions and save a lot of money.

Video Collaboration is a quick and effective solution for face to face conversations, without actually having to meet each other. It gives people the opportunity to hold meetings and consult with one another via video from any location, and at any time. This solution contributes to reduced costs, less business travel and fewer CO2 emissions. It also aids the decision process and results in faster turnaround times. In short, video collaboration stands for working more effectively while creating a greener world.

Talk & Vision is very happy to be presented with the Lean & Green Solution Award. Joost Deckers, Managing Director of Talk & Vision, explains: “Video collaboration solutions form an important part of doing business in a sustainable manner. By offering video conferencing options to employees for internal and external meetings, companies can reduce their CO2 emissions that are normally associated with business travel. There is no impact on the environment due to travel by car or aeroplane, since people will meet and consult with one another by video. Talk & Vision offers a low-threshold solution for companies that do not want to, or cannot invest in their own video conferencing infrastructure. Not all organizations know exactly what they need now, or in the future. Our Cloud Video Services can be the perfect solution for these types of situations. Thanks to the low monthly rates and the ease of use of Cloud Video Services, video conferencing is now within reach for any company, no matter their size.” Talk & Vision shall continue to work towards a sustainable environment with its products and services.

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