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Talk & Vision pitched most innovative idea on the Vodafone Innovation Day

Posted on Mon, Sep 16, 2013
vodafoneOn 10th September, Vodafone organized an internal event in Ratingen-Lintorf (Germany): the Vodafone Innovation Day. At this event, 160 European employees and 16 partners attended to discuss new ideas, trends and developments in their working field. Talk & Vision participated at the event and was voted the most innovative.

The Vodafone Innovation Day had two aims. On the one side it was meant to inform the employees about the developments in the market, on the other side it was a good opportunity to discuss new ideas and innovations together. Vodafone always uses their own employees to innovate  products and services, because they believe there is knowledge and innovation from within the organisation.

The 16 partners – including Google Glass, Microsoft 365, Polycom, Lenovo, and Blackberry – all presented their solutions during speed date sessions of 10 minutes. The participants then worked in their teams to link two of the solutions to create an innovative idea to benefit Vodafone. All the participants voted on which of the 16 ideas they thought was most innovative and would work best for Vodafone . Talk & Vision’s solution was voted to be the best and most innovative idea.

Vodafone staff had created a solution to mix Talk & Vision solutions with solutions of Nuance Communications, to solve the challenge of being in the right virtual meeting room, for example a coSpace. Employees always face the problem to get into the right meeting, since they need to deal with lots of different numbers such as meeting numbers or PIN codes. The team came up with the solution for this problem: setting up a system with voice recognition, which only needs to hear the name of the user to know in which room the user needs to be. Only by saying your name, the system can automatically put you into the right meeting room.  

Since the IT employees recognised this problem and the ease of use of the solution, Talk & Vision won the innovation challenge. Talk & Vision and Nuance are going to further discuss the opportunities of this solution.  

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