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Health Angel goes for Video from the Cloud

Posted on Thu, Mar 21, 2013

“With the help of video conferencing I can teach more students and I need to travel less.”

Johan Boswinkel is the developer of the world famous biophoton therapy. This unique light therapy has already cured thousands of patients with serious illnesses and ailments. Since 1982, Johan Boswinkel has worked with biophotons and he is the founder of the Health Angel Foundation.

Johan Boswinkel is now able to teach students all over the world from his office with the help of video conferencing. Before, Johan had to travel to the relevant location in order to teach the course. With the help of video conferencing he can accommodate more students within a shorter period of time. Business trips have become unnecessary.

In the last few years the demand for the biophoton course has increased. Johan could no longer cater for all the students. This is why Johan was looking for a solution: teach more students in a shorter timeframe. Johan made the choice for Video from the Cloud, read more in the client testimonial of Health Angel.

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