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Videoconferencing in education offers a multitude of possibilities

Posted on Mon, Jun 16, 2014

academy 180Videoconferencing is being used more and more in cooperation between different organisations: it is a quick and effective solution for face-to-face meetings. However, the possibilities for videoconferencing are not restricted solely to the corporate world. We notice that for instance in education the use of videoconferencing is increasing.

Education can benefit from videoconferencing in several ways: students can start their development in the field of globalisation, cooperation and communication already at an early age. In this blog you will read about the different possibilities that videoconferencing offers and how these can be realized in real terms.

Let the experts speak
Using videoconferencing allows you to make a class more fun and more interesting: as a teacher you can easily 'invite' an (international) expert who can talk about a specific topic or subject. This provides guest lectures more depth. Furthermore you create greater interest in the topic among the students. By asking an external expert to speak via videoconferencing he or she does not need to undertake a long journey to the school. This offers both considerably timesaving as well as savings on travel expenses.

Virtual cooperation
With the help of videoconferencing students in Amsterdam can easily cooperate with students in London. As a result, students learn to cooperate with peers who speak a different language and come from a different culture already at a young age. Without virtual collaboration this kind of cooperation is very challenging and impossibly dear. Offer students the opportunity early on to experience globalisation and the fact that borders do not form limitations for international cooperation.

Offering a different perspective
Videoconferencing provides students the opportunity to develop their general knowledge. Many online courses are being offered that make optimal use of visual material. Additionally, educational field trips can also be organised virtually. To expand on a biology class it is for example possible to attend a real-time knee operation or to show natural wonders. We all know: “a picture says more than a 1000 words”.

University of the Netherlands
The popularity of the Internet and the need to distribute knowledge has led to a great initiative in the Netherlands: the University of the Netherlands. Via the website everyone can follow free online lectures given by the best professors in the Netherlands. This way everyone can expand his or her general knowledge virtually.

Talk & Vision offers a complete portfolio of cooperation solutions including videoconferencing. Nowadays students learn how to handle tablets, smart phones and computers at an early age. A logical consequence is that education will take virtual cooperation and learning with the help of mobile devices on board. Virtual cooperation and classes are a good preparation for the future! 


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