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Online collaboration: tooling from the cloud increasingly popular

Posted on Tue, May 06, 2014

Cloud toolsOrganisations in the supply chain - meaning nearly all organisations these days - are realising that collaboration is inevitable in these times. Practically every organisation is somehow part of a value chain, allowing online collaboration with partners to cut costs.

In many cases tools are used to provide collaborations with instruments, as demonstrated by recent research into the maturity of online collaboration.

In nearly all cases an attempt is made to connect tools that already are being used. However, due to a lack of standardization in tooling that proves to be quite difficult and not always successful, respondents indicate. A significant number of organisations purchase software specifically for the purpose of the partnership; a smaller number of organisations develop their own special tools, the financial sector excluded.

Something that is increasingly gaining popularity is the use of cloud solutions. Predominantly for use throughout the entire organization, in some cases even at departmental level.

The research also deduces that organisations do not mind having to pay for a collaboration tool, but that free software is indeed considered. Especially the public sector uses paid and free tools side by side.

The researchers also asked to indicate the turning point concerning the choice for paid or free tools. The respondents were in disagreement: the use of free tooling or lack thereof seems to mainly depend on the organisation culture.

Organisation culture – and predominantly the differences between the collaborating parties – is the connecting thread in the research. Much depends on it, particularly the success of the cooperation.

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