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Videoconferences: how to appear professional on camera

Posted on Thu, Jan 23, 2014

videoTo many organisations videoconferences offer an excellent opportunity to hold meetings at a distance and to collaborate with team members, partners or clients. For a conference involving video you no longer need to leave the door or be present at a set location: via your laptop or tablet you can participate from any desired location with an internet connection. A meeting at a distance is most effective when both image and sound are high quality. Additionally, the way you participate in a videoconference, for example your posture and surroundings, also play a large role.

In this article you will read about how to appear professional on screen during videoconferences.

- Sufficient light
Just like in a physical meeting, you want to be clearly visible to others. Therefore, make sure that you sit in the light and are not darkened by backlighting. When a light shines in the camera, this is automatically compensated and only a black shadow will appear on screen. Make sure you never sit in front of a window and turn off the light behind you. Do let the light shine on your face, allowing yourself to properly appear on everyone's screen.

- Middle of the screen
Place yourself in the middle of the screen and do not hide in a corner. When your face only shows in one corner of the screen you might come across as insecure or uninterested. Of course that is not the impression you want to convey. Demonstrate that you are listening to your conversation partner(s) and that you are seriously engrossed in the conversation. You can do this by clearly showing your facial expressions and hand gestures.

- Quiet and professional surrounding
When you want to collaborate or consult at a distance, it is important to properly analyse your surroundings in advance. Are there many sounds? After all, your conversation partners will be able to hear all the sounds that you hear around you. Create a quiet environment that does not disturb the meeting. Also pay attention to your background: a bathroom or picture frames with private snapshots will not look very professional.

- Good business quality
Talk & Vision supplies several cloud-oriented collaboration solutions at business quality level. For example a system or personal Cloud subscription, as well as the widely accessible virtual meeting room. This no longer requires you to invest in hardware: you merely pay a monthly subscription fee or you pay per use. With this, Talk & Vision is offering a lucrative and reliable video solution. Thanks to our intelligent, automated tools employees can be online within minutes, whether it concerns individual employees working on their laptop or tablet or teams gathering in a virtual meeting room. It is a matter of one push on the button and getting to it.

Proper preparation is half the work. Hopefully these tips will help you to look better and more professional on screen. 

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