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NWoW: why IT and facility management need to be integrated

Posted on Mon, Jul 01, 2013

jigsawAs a facility manager, it is practically impossible in the current work environment to escape collaborating with the IT manager and vice versa. Borders are fading and close consultation is required to reduce costs, increase availability and work more efficiently.

This article gives an overview of the changes that underlie this inevitable integration. In addition, we will list the advantages of integration for organisations.

Changes in technology and method
Until a few years ago, it was very clear which department was in charge of what equipment. Nowadays these borders are fading: it is not as clear anymore which department is responsible for which management. For example, booking meetings rooms is managed via the central agenda and videoconferencing can easily be integrated with the help of IT technology. But who is responsible for this?

In addition to this uncertainty with regard to technology and equipment, the New Way of Working requires a modern kind of information distribution. After all, the office is increasingly changing from a work place into a meeting place. Employees work less and less at the office, but do want to remain involved with each other and with the organisation.

As a result of the abovementioned changes, lots of questions arise within organisations:
-    Who will take care of the equipment management?
-    Who is responsible for security?
-    How do new technologies fit within the existing infrastructure?
-    How can we provide all employees with the correct information?
-    How can we ensure that employees can work together anytime and anywhere?

Integrating IT and audio/video
In order to anticipate to the changes as an organisation, integration of the IT and facility departments is vital. Based on the needs within the organisation, the right IT and audio/video means should be selected and integrated. In this, the IT manager plays a crucial role. He/she should not only consider the IT environment, but will also be responsible for the audiovisual planning and for the purchase of audio en video equipment. In this situation, not only the functionality of the equipment should be considered, but also the management of the integrated environment.

For any organisation it is sensible to well consider this integration, since it will lead to nothing but positive results:

1.    Costs and efficiency
The organisation will have more means to distribute information efficiently and effectively against lower management costs.

2.    Cooperation
The integration will lead to new ways of cooperating that better suit the trends and work styles within the organisation.

3.    Easy to manage
An integrated environment is easy to manage, since using the same tools and processes allow for managing both the IT and the audio/video components.

4.    Integration of work and private life
Employees will have access to new working possibilities. As a result, it is easier for them to integrate their work style in their private life: due to the new cooperation possibilities it becomes easier to work outside of the office and therefore to quickly drop the kids of at school or work from home.
5.    Clarity in the event of questions and problems
In the integrated environment it becomes clearer for employees where they can go with their questions and problems. They do not constantly have to think to which department their incidents belongs, but they immediately know whom they can contact.

Talk & Vision has a strategic partnership with AVEX, a specialized provider of audiovisual and videocommunication solutions for meeting rooms, presentation suites, lecture halls and boardrooms. The partnership addresses the increasing demand for integration of Unified Communications and audiovisual services on a single network hosted by a single supplier.
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