MAVIS Ad-hoc

MAVIS Ad-hoc is our subscription-free, pay-per-use visual communication service. This service is tailored to the needs of customers that have no visual communication infrastructure of their own and want to visually meet with more than two participants. Our operator sets up the meeting and your users can walk into the meeting room and start their meeting right away.

Our Customer Service Centre (CSC) ensures a care-free video meeting, powered by Talk & Vision’s video communication platform. Our platform can host IP and ISDN video participants as well as (mobile) telephone participants. To ensure SLA requirements are met, Talk & Vision requires a certification / test of your visual communication endpoint(s).

MAVIS Ad-hoc is also highly suited for large-scale visual communication events such as a New Year’s address or a quarterly figures presentation. Our infrastructure supports dozens of simultaneous participants. An operator will be assigned to ensure the best visual communication experience, making sure all participants are connected and change the lay-out to best suited to your requirements.

MAVIS Ad-hoc is a subscription-free service. We charge an amount per participant per hour. We advise you to book your meeting by phone, e-mail or the VC portal at least one day in advance. Later requests can only be allocated on a best-effort basis.

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